National UTI Awareness Day is November 21st

Uqora Draws Attention to Important Health Issue Through Community Platform

SAN DIEGO — November 18, 2020 Sunday, November 21st is the second annual UTI Awareness Day. Launched in 2020 by leading urinary health brand Uqora, UTI Awareness Day raises visibility of this often-overlooked health issue by acknowledging the millions of people who struggle with urinary tract health.

Urinary tract infections are the most common bacterial infection requiring medical care in the US, and the second most common infection behind the common cold. UTIs disproportionately impact women – between 50% and 60% will have at least one UTI in their life with a 20-40% chance of UTI recurrence. Current treatments rely heavily on antibiotics with a growing number of UTIs becoming resistant.

“Our stories and voices are so much more powerful as a unified collective and UTI Awareness Day is an opportunity for anyone pursuing urinary health to know that they are not alone,” said Jenna Ryan, Uqora CEO. “We’re proud to create a platform for all those affected by urinary tract health to feel seen, heard, and, hopefully, increase understanding about the complexities of UTIs.”

In 2014, Ryan experienced eight UTIs. She knew she couldn’t stay stuck in this cycle but didn’t realize how many people like her were struggling with the same issue. Together with her partner Spencer Gordon, the couple was inspired to create Uqora. Founded in 2017, Uqora has been able to help over 200,000 people with a product line of reactive solutions and proactive care.

Uqora uses its position as a leader in urinary health to advocate for change that includes building The Uqora Collective, its private community for people who are looking for support, empathy and education on the journey to better urinary tract health. In fact, National UTI Awareness Day was first suggested by one of Uqora’s customers who wanted to share the experience of finding a group of people who understood what she was going through.

To promote UTI Awareness Day, Uqora encourages anyone to share their UTI story on any social platform with the hashtag #UTIAwarenessDay and tag @uqora to further spread awareness about this important health issue. Get involved here.

To learn more about Uqora, visit and follow @uqora on Instagram, Facebook and @uqorahealth on Twitter.


Uqora, a Pharmavite company, is a San Diego-based healthcare company specializing in urinary tract health. Uqora’s roots lie in proactive urinary tract care and research, leading the way in the development of next-generation health products. Uqora continues to expand high-quality research in the world of urinary health in cutting-edge, effective ways. With Uqora, consumers can address every aspect of their urinary tract health, from proactive care to diagnostics and UTI symptom management. Visit to learn more.


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