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You deserve relief without compromise.

We've spent years rigorously researching and testing the purest ingredients to create safe and effective solutions.

Brand Story

Pioneering a new era in women's health

Rather than settle for the status quo, we brought together an expert team of scientists, doctors, and researchers with one mission: to pioneer a new era in women’s health of clinically studied, hormone-free menopause treatments.

After rigorous scientific research and testing, 
we created a powerful line of health products that are clinically studied to be safe and effective at supporting women's minds, bodies and sexual wellness.

Science + Innovation

Grounded in a rigorous scientific discovery

Our scientific approach to menopause relief and women’s health is grounded in a rigorous scientific discovery and development process that mirrors the pharmaceutical industry’s.

Scientific Investigation

Our science team conducts independent research to understand the mechanism of action behind single ingredients and their effects on the body.

Ingredients and Safety

On their own, single ingredients can be effective but the right combination can make a world of difference. We have developed patented blends of powerful ingredients that, when used together, unlock their full potential. We care about your health and safety so our products are free of hormones, soy, parabens, gluten, common allergens, and GMOs.

Clinical Trials

We use the gold standard of product testing: double-blinded placebo-controlled trials. Neither the participants nor the study team know who received the placebo or the supplement.

This rigorous research method is used to provide reliable and unbiased evidence of our product's effectiveness and safety. It helps healthcare providers make informed decisions about patient treatment and gives consumers confidence in the quality of the products they purchase.


Gynecologist Recommended

Thanks to our unparalleled clinical results, over 15,500 healthcare providers recommend Bonafide to their menopausal patients - a statistic not many supplement companies can claim. There are no kickbacks or paid endorsements here, just honest recommendations based on the safety and efficacy of our products.

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