Menopause Symptoms have met their match

Over 200,000 women trust EQUELLE for effective menopause relief.

Brand Story

Powered by nature. Proven by science.

EQUELLE was founded with one purpose in mind; to embolden women to feel and be their best.

That’s why we’re changing the game on menopause. Because our consumers never backed down from a challenge a day in their life, we wanted to tackle their toughest menopause symptoms head-on.

Through that dedication, natural compounds, and science, we’ve created a hormone-free supplement that binds to estrogen receptors, helping women change the course of their symptoms - and chilling out those hot flashes.

EQUELLE is here to help women do what they do best: master the change.

Science + Innovation

Don’t settle for anything less than relief

EQUELLE’s active ingredient, S-equol, is backed by a decade of clinical research and is specially formulated to deliver consistent relief. Learn more about how S-equol works and read the latest research studies at

Naturally Occurring

S-equol is a plant-based, natural compound produced by some women in the gut. But it’s nearly impossible to produce the amount of S-equol that one daily serving of EQUELLE provides.

Research backed

EQUELLE is based on over 20 years of cumulative research and uses a patented fermentation process to provide you with a safe and reliable supplement for managing menopause symptoms.

Consistent relief

We follow strict quality control guidelines and responsible manufacturing processes to provide you with truly effective menopause symptom relief. While natural remedies like black cohosh or evening primrose oil may vary depending on soil or environment, EQUELLE delivers consistent relief in every serving.

Our Product


With no hormones, no prescription, and monthly delivery to your door, managing menopause symptoms has never been easier.

Brand Perspective
Health Care Providers

As part of our commitment to supporting women’s health, we actively engage with their trusted healthcare providers including family physicians, nurse practitioners, and OB-GYNS on solutions that may help alleviate symptoms associated with menopause.

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