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For almost 50 years, Pharmavite has been a pioneer in the wellness industry, continually striving to push the industry forward.


For over 30 years, Pharmavite has been an active member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), including being part of a coalition of supplement trade associations to develop an initial draft of industry GMPs that was submitted to the FDA, and having served on the board of directors and several key committees.

As a leading member of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA omega-3s (GOED), Pharmavite plays an active role in influencing quality standards, supporting ongoing research and ensuring the continuation of education and advocacy efforts across the globe.

As part of our commitment to diversity, Pharmavite is a member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), a global nonprofit organization committed to realizing the full potential of female talent and gender parity in leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Partnerships

Navigating the vitamin aisle can be a confusing experience. That’s why we support the healthcare experts who consumers go to for information and advice.

We work with organizations for pharmacists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, OB-GYNS and registered dieticians, to provide ongoing education on the importance of adequate nutrition to help fill nutrient gaps, as well as the science behind the efficacy and safety of dietary supplements.

For over the last 20 years, Nature Made has been named the #1 Pharmacist-Recommended Vitamin and Supplement brand in key vitamin and supplement segments.*

Government Relations

As a trusted leader in our category, investing our time and resources in government relations ensures that our legislators understand the perspective of a principled and responsible member of the industry. From supporting new laws that reinforce high standards across our industry to advocating for the need for vulnerable people to have greater access to vitamins and supplements, we help educate lawmakers to ensure our interests and concerns are understood and considered by those that can affect change.

Pharmavite strongly supported the passing of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, a landmark legislation that recognized the role supplements can play in health promotion, defined dietary supplements, created a mechanism for dealing with safety issues, regulated product claims and labeling, provided for the development of good manufacturing practices, and encouraged research on dietary supplements. DSHEA also authorized the FDA to develop Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for dietary supplements, which were finalized by the FDA in 2007.

Community Outreach

From our national partnerships with organizations like Feed the Children to employees volunteering their time at local food banks and everything in between, the spirit of giving back is alive and well at Pharmavite.

Through our partnership with Feed the Children, an organization created to end childhood hunger, we’re able to bring the gift of health to life to families who lack access to healthy food and essentials by manufacturing nearly 15 million Nature Made children’s chewable multivitamins that will be distributed to thousands of families at community events across the country.

Employees regularly staff these community events, helping provide the much-needed support on the ground required to make them a success.

Science + Innovation

Our team of research scientists, registered dietitians, and Scientific Advisory Board members set the benchmark in nutrition science.

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