Tired of the Grind, Americans Would Give Up a Promotion or Frequent Sex Just to Feel Well Rested

As the health crisis enters a new phase, Nature Made United States of Wellness Survey finds sleep and stress – not immunity – are top concerns for Americans

WEST HILLS, Calif., July 19, 2021 — Americans are desperate for better sleep according to a recent study conducted by Nature Made, the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamins and supplements brand[1]. The study which explored Americans’ health and wellness needs, goals and concerns, revealed that half (50%) consider improving their sleep as the top mental health goal in 2021. In fact, 7 in 10 (70%) Americans would prefer to get a full night’s sleep every night than have sex every night (30%) and three in four (74%) Americans would prefer to wake up everyday feeling well rested than get a promotion at work (26%).

According to the Nature Made United States of Wellness survey, Americans who experience sleep issues are experiencing negative effects in other parts of their lives, with 39% reporting that their sleep issues are negatively affecting their personal lives, and 30% reporting it is interfering with their professional lives.

“As one of the key pillars of good health, it’s highly concerning to see so many Americans continue to struggle with sleep,” says Dr. Susan Hazels Mitmesser, Vice President of Science and Technology at Nature Made. “We often take sleepiness, irritability and the inability to focus as the totality of issues related to poor sleep. The real impact is on a much larger scale and affects our emotional and physical health, including our immune system’s ability to protect us against infection and our ability to cope with stress.”

These findings highlight the issue that Americans aren’t getting quality sleep—not only are they having trouble falling asleep, but they’re also facing issues staying asleep. Only about one quarter (28%) of Americans rate their sleep on a typical night as “very good,” and after a stressful year, it’s unsurprising that getting a restful night’s sleep has become Americans’ top priority.

  • Nearly 1 in 3 Americans (29%) say they often struggle with falling asleep.
  • 1 in 4 Americans (26%) report waking up several times a night.
  • 1 in 4 Americans (24%) report they often wake up in the middle of the night and typically can’t go back to sleep.

Stress of the Pandemic Continues to Hit Americans Hard

Stress levels are at an all-time high — almost two-thirds (60%) of Americans surveyed claim they have felt stressed during a typical day over the past year—and it’s negatively impacting mental and physical health. Half of Americans surveyed report that stress has negatively impacted their physical health (50%) and their physical appearance (49%), triggering side effects like hair loss, acne, weight gain and weight loss.

“People tend to view different parts of their health in isolation from each other, but the truth is that our body systems are so interconnected that lack of sleep and prolonged exposure to stress can take a really hard toll on our overall health and wellbeing,” added Mitmesser.

Stress levels are such a significant concern for many Americans that 41% of survey respondents claim managing their stress better is a mental health goal this year. However, Americans prefer to cope with general stress by dealing with it themselves (73%) rather than getting help from a professional (27%). Some respondents have identified healthy habits to cope with stress including exercise (36%) or taking vitamins, minerals, or supplements (29%).

However, there’s a generation gap when it comes to looking at vitamins and supplements to help manage stress. Younger generations are more likely to look for vitamins and supplements that help manage stress than older generations: about three in ten Gen Z (29%) and Millennials (27%) agree compared to only one in five (21%) Gen X.

Other Key Findings

  • A whopping 75% of Americans are currently working towards their health and wellness goals, and 77% say it’s sexy when someone takes care of their health.
  • Anxiety and weight gain are collateral damage from the pandemic, especially for women:
    • 2 in 5 Americans have experienced anxiety (39%) and weight gain (37%) over the course of the pandemic.
    • Women are more likely than men to have experienced anxiety (women 45% vs. men32%) or weight gain (women 43% vs. men 30%).

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United States of Wellness Survey Methodology 

Results are based on an online survey conducted between May 18-24, 2021 among 1,015  Americans. The results are nationally representative as it relates to age, gender, region and race/ethnicity in the United States. The margin of error for the total sample at the 95% confidence level is +/- 3 percentage points.               


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[1] Based on a survey of pharmacists who recommend branded vitamins and supplements

[2] Find those Nature Made USP verified products on NatureMade.com/USP                                 

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