Uqora Launches New Vulva Wash

SAN DIEGO, Calif., February 8, 2022 – Uqora, the leading urinary care brand, has launched Wash, a brand-new balancing vulva cleanser. Available now at Uqora.com, Wash ($13) is composed of just six ingredients (water, coco glucosides, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, microcrystalline cellulose, and xanthan gum) designed to wash the area without compromising vaginal health. Known for its flagship line of proactive urinary tract health supplements and its UTI relief products, Uqora is dedicated to providing products that help to manage urinary health from end to end.

In a healthy vagina, lactobacilli bacteria (the healthy bacteria) release lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide to help keep the pH of the area low. Formulated to mimic this natural function, Wash includes what is already present in the vagina (lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide), so you can cleanse your vulva without compromising your vaginal or urinary health. Unlike many body and intimate washes currently on the market, Uqora’s Wash is a clean formula, free of the essential oils, fragrances, and pH disruptors that are frequently used.

Leading urinary care brand answers consumer demand for a clean wash with newest product

Wash may not be necessary for everyone, but it was developed to deliver a safe, and effective, option for anyone who is interested in using a vulva wash in their urinary care regimen. Washes have a complicated past, fraught with vagina and vulva shaming. Uqora’s stance? If you haven’t used a wash before, and haven’t felt like you needed one, then skip it! If you are looking for a reliable and safe wash option, Uqora’s Wash is here for you.

“Using an intimate wash is a very personal decision,” says Uqora Medical Advisor, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, OB-GYN. “Many women who favor an intimate wash for regular use are those who are facing common pH disruptors: sexual activity, menstruation, hormone changes or frequent antibiotic use. It’s very important to vet ingredients and pick something that does not have harsh chemicals that might disrupt the vaginal microbiome. Remember, vaginal health, vulvar health and urinary health are all intertwined.”

Uqora recognizes the path to urinary health can feel isolating, which is why they have developed resources and communities to educate and empower. Through the Uqora Collective, a private community forum of nearly 15,000 members, Uqora learned its community was seeking a safe wash, and developed Wash in response to this feedback.

To purchase and learn more about Wash and Uqora’s full line of products, visit uqora.com.


Uqora, a Pharmavite company, is a San Diego-based healthcare company specializing in urinary tract health. Uqora’s roots lie in proactive urinary tract care and research, leading the way in the development of next-generation health products. Uqora continues to expand high-quality research in the world of urinary health in cutting-edge, effective ways. With Uqora, consumers can address every aspect of their urinary tract health, from proactive care to diagnostics and UTI symptom management. Visit www.uqora.com to learn more.



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